Advantages and Cons of the S Racing Game Chair

Homall s racer gaming chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs available for gaming on a laptop. It offers comfort to the back, neck, arms, and shoulders. If you’re looking for an effective, comfortable chair that will give adequate support and comfort, this is the right choice. S Racer Gaming Chair has many multi-functions, as you can twist 360 degrees. In addition, it comes with head support that is lightweight and portable.

s racer gaming chair

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The Homall s racer gaming chair helps you in relieving stress and tension of your body due to long hours of sitting on your computer. It helps you sit up straight and lengthen your spine. It gives more space for the natural curves of the back. In addition, the high-quality leather and vinyl backrest enhance the comfort of your body and relieve your stress and tension. You may also like HP Omen Gaming Laptop – 15T, 17T – Review

However, there are some cons too, while using this chair. One of the major pros of this chair is its lightweight which allows you to move it around. It’s portable and doesn’t take much space. Also, there are some owners who complain of joint and back pain due to improper height adjustment. It is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Footrest of S Racer Gaming Chair

The most important area of the Vitesse gaming chair is the footrest. You have to adjust the footrest to your preferred height. While some may find it awkward, but if you’re tall or have thick legs, this chair will fit you well. There are also armrests that are useful but you can find ones with or without arms that will provide ample comfort for your whole lower body. Check it out HP Touch Screen Laptop – Best HP Laptops

This chair has three recline positions. The low position is called the “high seat” which is suitable for those people who are tall and thin. At the same time, the high seat is only suitable for persons who are taller than 180 pounds. In addition, there is an optional lumbar support armrest which is specially designed for this type of chair. For people who are heavier, this chair offers two additional recline positions, one at the low position and another at the high position.

Armrest of S Racer

The armrests are padded and the seat is covered with vinyl. On the other hand, the pros of this chair include the nice comfort and cozy feel of the seat. It has excellent padding for maximum padding. Besides, it provides a wide base for added stability.

Although this chair has excellent padding, there are still some disadvantages. Some gamers find that the armrests are not long enough to fit the bigger wrists. Furthermore, the color scheme of this chair is not that pleasing to the eyes, making it less attractive. Some gamers find it too plush compared to other similar gaming chairs.

The armrests are made with thick foam and they can be bent at the curve. However, this feature does not really help in increasing the comfort level. In fact, there is no way you can stretch out your arms at the 180-degree recline. If you will use this chair in the living room or bedroom, you will definitely need a taller chair with higher lumbar support. For this, you can look for the Vico gaming chair with removable headrests.

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Comfort & Adjustments

To conclude, the S Racing Game Chair is one of the top best gaming chairs around. This is best if you are someone who wants to have a comfortable game without compromising on comfort. For this, you should consider getting the chair with the right features. In addition, get a chair that has the appropriate padding and a good backrest.

However, the main disadvantage of this chair is its design. Compared to other gaming chairs, the armrests of the S Racing Game Chair are not long enough. You can at least adjust them to make them longer according to your height. If you have long legs, you might not be able to adjust the armrests sufficiently to your liking.

Additional Headrest Pillow

The headrest pillow is also one of the advantages of this chair. As mentioned earlier, this chair comes with a headrest pillow that can be adjusted to the exact degree of comfort. However, the pillow can only do this if you will sit at an appropriate angle of recline. If you will move your head from side to side, the pillow can no longer provide support and you will feel uncomfortable while using this chair.

In general, the S Racing Game Chair has many cons and benefits. However, if you will look at its benefits first, you can easily see that it offers more than what you paid for. First of all, it comes with two sturdy metal legs, allowing you to put this chair up on the wall or just about any flat surface. The motorized wheels of the chair also make it easy to move around your home. It also features a lumbar cushion, which can give you better back support and comfort when you will sit in this office chair.

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